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Daffodilie Dash DJing

May 27, 2010
GSS had their Daffodilie Dash. That’s a bunch of kids running in a big circle in the field next to the park. I played weird up beat music at them to influence them to run away, or keep running in circles.
Here is my Play list
  • Chariots of Fire Theme

    Chariots Of Fire


  • Swing the Mood

    Jive Bunny

  • In the mood by Chickens ?
  • Old Dan Tucker – The DeZurik (Cackle) Sisters – Checkerboard Squares Radio Show Recordings
  • Boom 



  • Speed Turtle – Brian Wilson

    Blue Moo 

  • That’s Amore 


    Dean Martin

  • Mae East 



    (Steve Taylor)

  • Kum By Ya 

    The History of God and Man

    Paul Aldrich

  • Runaway 


    Fleming and John’s Myspace page says:

     You can download a bootleg of their Awesome “Hoodwinked” Soundtrack here

  • Kum By Ya – Paul Aldrich
  • Cutest Lil’ Dragon

    Tri-Danielson, Vol. 2

    Danielson Famile

  • Zaceus was a wee little man  

    The Word & Song Bible

    Stephen Elkins

  • Kum By Ya
  • Ill-m-i 



  • Linus and Lucy 

    A Charlie Brown Christmas

    Vince Guaraldi Tri0

  • Charlie Brown 

    The End Is Now

    L.A. Symphony

  • New Way To Be Human 

    Learning to Breathe


  • Anima Fundi 


    Sandra/ Boynton

  • Happy Birthday – Frank Sinatra
  • Kum By Ya
  • Birthday 

    Forefront Records

    Kevin Smith

  • Willy Wonka Theme 

    Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

    Danny Elfman

  • Kum By Ya
  • Pump up the volume – Marrs
  • Get Down/Dive/All Fall Down

    Smash Ups

    Audio Adrenaline; Steven Curtis Chapman, G.R.I.T.Z.

  • Heaven

    Adventures of the O.C. Supertones

    O.C. Supertones

  • Take me to your leader Space Mix (The Space mix is not on the album, It was on a Radio CD I have from college.)

    Take Me to Your Leader


  • Plymouth Rock


    Brian Wilson

  • 303 Wise man 


    Prodigal Sons

  • (Yes, I should have played “The Final Countdown” at the end when I was telling them how much time they had left… Bummer)
  • At this point the “Dashing” was over and this was the sound track to the clean up effort

  • Little House on the Prairie theme

    Little House on the Prairie

  • Lucy Meets Mr. Tumnus

    The Chronicles of Narnia

    Harry Gregson

  • Zurgs Planet

    Toy Story 2

    Randy Newman

  • Ill-m-i instrumental Soul Junk 1943
  • (Hobbit Trot) 

    …Think the Dancers Mad

    Madison Greene

  • Ballad of Davy Crockett / Farewell “Tennessee” Ernie Ford
  • Spiderman theme
  • Melt Down Instrumental


    Steve Taylor

  • Learn your lessons well instrumental–  (Ripped from the dvd)


  • Old Man Tucker
  • Did I step on your trumpet 



  • Tribal Call

    …Think the Dancers Mad

    Madison Greene


    …of course when we were getting ready and when we were all done, I just played Soul Junk’s 1960 album.
    For more info about the actual Daffodilie Dash

    X-Men Origins: Wolverine Q&E Review Show

    January 21, 2010

    Wolverine mp3

    The Anatomy of a Monster CDs

    Spiderman 3

    June 5, 2009

    What is it?

    He has fought the Green Goblin, he stopped Doctor Octavios, he dealt with his own inner conflicts with self sacrifice – now he is back to deal with a handful of bad guys and some new inner demons in what may be the final installment of the series. Spiderman has finally been accepted as a hero and his life is going well. Unfortunately, his girl friend, MJ, is going through a personal crisis, but he can not see through all his new found appreciation, to be there for her. His romantic problems are paralleled by the rise of some more unusual villains, and what is that crawling out of the space rock?


    How was it?

    This is a comic book movie. There is no attempt to make it anything it’s not. Director Sam Raimi just plays it straight and has the most fun he can with the genre. The audience isn’t given anything much deeper or more mysterious than your standard Veggie Tales episode. After we have a long set up for each one of the characters, we jump into some fun plot, then some big action, finally Spiderman’s aunt explains the symbolism and moral to you… repeat. The action is cool. You can occasionally tell its computers, beyond just the fact that “that has to be a computer”. It’s the kind of action that you have to pay attention to in order to follow. It’s often like a rollercoaster, without the track. The best part is watching Spiderman jumping and scrambling over debris as he and parts of a building plummet. Overall, not the most amazing film, but it’s fun.


    Was it good for kids?

    This is a hard one. There are a lot of things to be leery of, but it’s all presented in such a way that may not scare kids. The violence is about action, however, there is some blood, but more often just ripped masks and shirts. There is some black stuff that crawls around and (spoiler) eventually creates the villain Venom, who is a monster version of Spiderman with a big mouth full of teeth. Still they do not show him very much. When he has a close up, the black stuff leaves his face and he is human with a mouth that is somewhere between a dog and a vampire. Beyond that, there are all types of family issues. Peter of course still blames himself for the murder of his uncle, who raised him because his parents died when he was young. Then there is a villain who is estranged from his wife and steals to pay for a medical treatment for his daughter, who we see sleeping with tubes in her nose. The situation may upset children but it’s also a very ambiguous evil. This makes the character more complex, but while it is handled well, may confuse children and make them think that you can do bad things for good reasons. Peter also takes the Lord’s name in vain (prays?) when he thinks he has killed his friend who attacked him.

    You can see a break down of all the elements on the screen on


    What about spiritual elements?

    At first I thought the  first Spiderman seemed to hold up Spiderman as the fill-in for an impotent God.  After a closer look I believe God is orcastrating the events and coincidences that allow Peter to serve others. The second makes him out to be a Christ figure (the Freedom Bringer), and in this one he needs forgiveness and it seems to start by going to God. There are two major themes to this movie (that are both spelled out by Aunt May.) The first is that if you are planning on marrying a woman you have to be man enough to put her first, and the second is that revenge in your heart will turn you into something horrible and the solution is forgiveness! We find out that everything comes down to choices. Almost every person on every level, in this film, is paired up with someone else who is in almost the same situation. We get to see one person who chooses correctly and then one who chooses incorrectly. We also get to see the reward or punishment that coincides with their choice. Both line up perfectly with the Bible. In fact (Spoiler) while Peter Parker allows himself to be consumed by revenge, his response to a character’s plea for mercy is “If you want forgiveness, get religion.” which seems like a downer on Christianity, but soon after that Spiderman is at a church (the kind with a cross on top and a crucifix inside). He has come there to rid himself of “revenge” and “aggression” in an interesting “Re-Birth” scene. In that same scene, we see someone come to God, not for forgiveness, but to seek revenge. (Big Spoiler) Of course the one looking for revenge gets afflicted with all that Spiderman has shed. The consequence for harboring revenge turns out to be death. Peter Parker, on the other hand, forgives the man who shot is uncle. (He says “I forgive you” nothing cryptic.) This action leads to freedom for all characters involved.


    What is your recommendation?

    It’s a fun movie, with easy messages and someone to explain them to you along the way. So you can enjoy the action and get the point without a lot of heavy lifting. If your child will not be negatively affected by comic book violence and can handle the moral ambiguity until it’s tied up at the end, I would bring them along. When it’s all over you will have plenty to talk about as far as the problems of revenge and the need for forgiveness, starting with the forgiveness from God. Who know’s you might even be able to use the film to tell another Spiderman Fan about God’s forgiveness.


    Spider-Man 3

    Iron Man – Q&E Review Show

    November 3, 2008

    Iron Man

    October 7, 2008

    What Is It?

    This is not only another Marvel comic book movie, but the first to be entirely the creation of Marvel Studios.

    Iron Man is the story of Tony Stark. He is a weapons mogul and an electronic and mechanical genius. Terrorists, capture him, using his own weapons to do so, then try to force him to build a new weapon for them. Instead, he secretly creates a metal suit that he uses to escape. (All of which is in the preview.) When he finds out that his company has been selling weapons to America’s enemies under the table, he perfects his suit to undo the wrongs that were done in his name.

    How Was It?

    It is said that Charlie Sheen had tried for the part of Peter Parker in Spider Man. He should have held out. Tony Stark is a cross between Charlie’s womanizing alcoholic character on Two and a Half Men and the “wise as a serpent” lawyer James Woods portrays on “Shark”. Unfortunately for both actors, Robert Downy Jr‘s performance not only propels the movie, but insures he will wear the suit for many sequels to come. Between Downy and a great supporting cast, with a well thought out story, and a great supporting special effects crew, this was a fun movie to watch. This film moves, pounds and blows up from start to finish; all the while fueled by a “Power Metal” soundtrack (bracketed by AC/DC’s Back in Black at the opening and Black Sabbath’s Iron Man at the end).

    Is It Good For Kids?

    This is a hard one. Tony Stark is a rich play boy and it is not played down like in the BatMan movies where it’s “all just an act.” He does admit that his life was wrong but does not go into specifics. Still, a lot of kids will not be able to make that logical leap with such a likable character.

    The violence is ever present but is not always “comic book” style. Where Iron Man vs Fighter Jets, is exciting, Tony Stark vs Terrorist is also a touch gruesome. This was not meant to be a kid’s movie.

    The final warning is the sexuality of the movie. We don’t see anything more than you would see on a beach (though we probably see too much there) but it all has a sexual context. We even see Stark in bed with a girl who is wearing a shirt and underwear, but the scene changed once we “know what’s going on”. The hard thing is that these people are dressed inappropriately, but the camera does not “Stare”, it simply lets us know what a letch the character is. What makes this hard is that while the images are there, they are not front and center, blurring the line of distinction.

    I did hear one second string character take the Lords name in vain, but found much more that I missed.

    I strongly suggest you read the break down on before bringing kids and teens.

    What About Spiritual Issues?

    Though every Marvel movie brings up God, I am happy to announce that this is the second Marvel Franchise to reference God and not be Heresy. (Ok, The Hulk was just too confusing to know if it was good or bad, and I have not seen Blade or Electra.)

    Stark shows off a new weapon, which is designed to “protect” us. It will destroy an entire city and is called “Jericho.” When demonstrating Jericho, the missiles explode behind Stark as he holds out his arms in a Jesus Christ pose and the winds blow behind him and nearly push over the onlookers. There is also a comical reference to Matthew 22:21.

    Stark is said to have “Come back from the dead” when he returns from captivity. Of course after this “resurrection” he announces that he finally knows his purpose in life and why he was put here. All of this of course suggests that there is an intelligent designer who has a plan for Starks life. From the other inferences we can assume which “Designer” they are thinking of, but it is nowhere as specifically Christian as the Spider Man Series.

    What is your Recommendation?

    The few shots of scantily clad girls were short enough that you know they were just there to tell the story, but a bit too long for me to be comfortable with.

    Barring that, it was an exciting and often tense movie with some welcome messages and symbolism. Still, if you are looking for Tense thrills with Biblical Symbolism, “I am Legend” does it better.

    If you are looking for Comic Book action with Biblical Messages, “Spider Man 3” does that very well.

    If you are looking for a flawed man searching his soul through a film with messages about finding God’s purpose for your life, all with a Comic Book Superhero Motif, then look no further than M. Night Shyamalan’s, Unbreakable.

    But if you are just looking for “Iron Man,” I would say it’s the second best offing Marvel has for us.