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Download Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

December 16, 2009

I have found that a lot of bands like doing Christmas music and just putting it out their on the web. I suspect the is a mixture of Generosity and marketing, still I have discovered great (often odd and eclectic) music for the holiday that is only a point and a click away.

sufjan stevens – songs for christmas vol.8

Very different with erry similarity to his Christmas Box Set

(Thank you drivebyMEDIA)

A Familyre Christmas – Volume 3

by Sounds Familyre


I Heart Lung- I Heart Christmas


Schlarb Family Christmas Album 2008


A Familyre Christmas-Vol. 1!

A Familyre Christmas - Vol. 1-Cover

A Familyre Christmas-Vol. 2!

A Familyre Christmas-Vol. 2

Blah Blah blog Christmas *

*This one is worth it for Sufjan Stevens – “Come on! Let’s Boogey to the Elf Dance!” alone

Paper Route –  thank god the year is finally over

Soul Junk

The Way Of Peace .mp3

my soul does magnify the Lord .mp3

Fleming and John

Winter Wonderland /Misty Mountain Hop .mp3

Carol of the Bells .mp3

(not Christmas but You can download a bootleg of their Awesome “Hoodwinked” Soundtrack here)

LA Symphony

It’s Christmas .mp3

Calibretto 13

Merry Freaking Christmas (Santa Clause is just a Man) .mp3


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