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Steve Taylor Movies – The Second Chance and Blue Like Jazz

February 6, 2009

Here is one of the most exciting bits of movie news I have heard in a while.

This means that I will be reading Blue Like Jazz as soon as I’m done with Kronos!

0785263705 Blue Like Jazz: Nonreligious Thoughts on Christian Spirituality

1935142011 Kronos


For those of you not up on Steve Taylor’s film career, his last film was


What Is It?

See a bit of it here!

After doing a direct to video comedy, “Newsboys: Down Under The Big Top” rumors were flying about a full length feature from rocker turned movie maker, Steve Taylor.  After its limited theatrical release, Steve’s independent film, picked up by Sony, is now on DVD.

Michel W. Smith plays Ethan Jenkins, a charismatic* Associate Pastor with a book deal, being groomed to take over at his father’s mega church. The board thinks the best way to “clip his wings” is to send him down to work under the Pastor of “The Second Chance.” This is a struggling inner-city church that his father ( J. Don Ferguson ) founded and is now run by Pastor Jake Sanders (Jeff Obafemi Carr). So, the squeaky clean preppy boy needs to learn to put his faith into action in a place that does not welcome him.

*charismatic personality, not theology 

How Was It?

This is not going to blow the doors off Hollywood , but it is a good film. This is a Christian film and the message is for Christians. Despite the usual Christian fare, this film is Cheese free! (God Not Gouda) I don’t know if Michel W. Smith can act outside of this, but if nothing else, he was type cast well enough that it works. The movie is clever and interesting all the way through. It doesn’t resort to clichés, nor does it feel like they are doing something just for the sake of avoiding a cliché.

Is It Good For Kids?

This is a Christian film, which does not make it a Family Film. Though it is discussed that “God doesn’t like it” there is cussing (but never the Lord’s name). Sub plots deal with gang violence, drugs, as well as references to Abortion, genocide, and children taken from their family. It is all handled very well. There are biblical perspectives communicated about all of these issues, but they are there.

(I’m trying to “list” a little more because this movie is not on

What about Spiritual Issues?

That is what this movie is about. The big question posed here is “If you are going to follow God, are you willing to take it all they way?”

This film is not here to challenge what you believe, but to challenge what you do with what you believe. James 2:17

What Is Your Recommendation?

Go rent it. You will definitely get the value of your rental fee out of this film. This would also be a good thing to kick off talks in your church about service or missions.

And if you don’t know Steve Taylor, check him out.



The Music that did not make it on the Sound Track CD is from the L.A. Symphony!

B000FIHNA2 The Second Chance DVD

6304252447 Newsboys: Down Under The Big Top VHS

B000CC1TRY The Second Chance CD

B000B66POI Disappear Here CD

And Steve Tayler was a Solo artist himself

clone-front-cover1I want to be a clone

 B001B3PCYE Meltdown

B0002Q5ZT8 On the Fritz

cgChagall Guevara

B000VI1352 Squint

B000SR6BBW Steve Taylor, Now the Truth Can Be Told

 (Best of Steve Taylor covering everything before Squint)