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The Island

April 12, 2010

What Is It?

Ewan McGregor and Scarlett Johansson play characters who live in a technological wonder world of the future. They wake up to have computers picking out their clothing and analyzing their urine to determine what they can have for breakfast. They live, eat, exercise, work and recreate, while waiting for the day they will win the lottery and go to “The Island”

One day, Lincoln Six Echo (McGregor) finds that people who they thought went to the Island were really killed. Now that his friend Jordan Two Delta (Johansson) has won the lottery, Lincoln is trying to get her out of their world and someplace safe.

How Was It?

This was an interesting blend of “The Matrix”, “I Robot”, and “The Truman Show”. Still, the movie is more than a good rip off. It really brings something new to the emerging genres . The movie is a bit formulaic, but does it very well. The action is exciting, the soundtrack is wonderful, and there seems to be more than just senseless navel-gazing in the script.

Was It Good For Kids?

This film has a bunch of points where the action becomes graphic and the imagery is disturbing. It may not be the best choice for younger viewers .

You can get a complete breakdown of what is on the screen at

What About Spiritual Issues?

There seems to be an amassing of offhanded comments to let you know that are the two main characters are either blessed by God or empowered by Him. There may even be some messiah symbolism with Lincoln .

Moreover , this film is about the sanctity of life. Themes and characters lend themselves so well to an anti-abortion stance that it may have been the planned intent of the film. These themes are presented in a very real and non-confrontational way, though often brutal in their presentation. This is the beauty and peril of sci-fi and fantasy.

There is a sex scene in the film. This is an odd thing. We are not shown anything we shouldn’t see. It’s more a plot point. We are told that one man is dying from a disease that God let him have because he had too much sex. Later we see the two main characters “discover” sex in an Adam and Eve / “ Blue Lagoon” manner . This may be a sticky point for some viewers . The morality of sex is not very clearly defined, though promiscuity is shown as punishable.

What Is Your Recommendation?

If you like action/sci-fi films , this is a good use of your afternoon. It’s also a great movie to help think through some very important issues.


The soundtrack is very cool. Except for one unfortunate song in the credits.

The Island DVD

The Island CD

Miss Potter

November 19, 2008

What is it?

This probably is just me, but I have been waiting for Chris Noonan to direct his second movie ever, since being robbed of the best picture Oscar for his first one, Babe the Gallant Pig, the wait ended last December (2007), and I missed it. Miss Potter is now on DVD and it is not a kid’s story. It is, in fact, a period romance based on the life of Beatrix Potter. (Renee Zellweger) She is publishing her first book and falling in love with novice publisher Norman Warne. (Ewan McGregor).

How Was It?

This is a fun, well acted, beautiful, amusing, loving and subtly exciting film. (I don’t know if it was more insulting that Babe didn’t win or that Miss Potter was not even nominated for anything!) This movie is not fast. Where that usually means boring, here it’s graceful and beautiful like a Mozart Ballad. There is some animation used but it never gets out of hand. The ad seems to make it look as if it’s a new Mary Poppins, though I believe all the animation in the film was used in ad. Noonan uses occasional animation to show how Beatrix blurred her emotions and confided in her art.

Slight spoiler –

This is the kind of movie that lets you have fun and then, emotionally, hits you in the back of the head with a shovel. The story is great and the acting complements it. I would put this film alongside “Pride and Prejudice ” and the BBC’s “Shadowlands”.  

Now I cannot wait for Noonan’s third film!

Is it good for kids?

This is not made for kids. Thus it may be a little slow for them. There are also some emotional themes that may be too much for them. There is some caution in this film due more to other films. Beatrix is very respectful to her parents but does challenge them. Of course she is 30 years old. There are a few things where if she was in a rebellious teen movie, would be a problem, but she’s 30.

What about Spiritual Issues?

I don’t know much about the Spiritual life of Beatrix Potter, but not much is said here. At some point there are some lines to indicate that they are, at least, culturally Christian.


As the romantic relationship is leading towards marriage, they were still physically appropriate with each other. There is a death and not a lot is said about God.

What about Social Issues?

Similar to the “Rebellious teen” thing, there are themes that seem to be a kin to “liberal environmentalism”, at times. (Spoiler) However, what really happens is she loves land that is planned to be developed. She uses her earnings from her books to buy the land and then hire the farmers who were working it, to continue working it. Capitalism saving the environment! How great!

What is Your Recommendation?

This is well worth your rental fees. Take a night, make some popcorn, and sit on the couch with someone (or a family) you love. The DVD also has some nice special features including a documentary on Beatrix that was made separate from the film. There are a lot of things about her work and life that just don’t apply to the romance. They are all in the Documentary.

Hey, and while we are at it, let’s watch Babe again!