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Daffodilie Dash DJing

May 27, 2010
GSS had their Daffodilie Dash. That’s a bunch of kids running in a big circle in the field next to the park. I played weird up beat music at them to influence them to run away, or keep running in circles.
Here is my Play list
  • Chariots of Fire Theme

    Chariots Of Fire


  • Swing the Mood

    Jive Bunny

  • In the mood by Chickens ?
  • Old Dan Tucker – The DeZurik (Cackle) Sisters – Checkerboard Squares Radio Show Recordings
  • Boom 



  • Speed Turtle – Brian Wilson

    Blue Moo 

  • That’s Amore 


    Dean Martin

  • Mae East 



    (Steve Taylor)

  • Kum By Ya 

    The History of God and Man

    Paul Aldrich

  • Runaway 


    Fleming and John’s Myspace page says:

     You can download a bootleg of their Awesome “Hoodwinked” Soundtrack here

  • Kum By Ya – Paul Aldrich
  • Cutest Lil’ Dragon

    Tri-Danielson, Vol. 2

    Danielson Famile

  • Zaceus was a wee little man  

    The Word & Song Bible

    Stephen Elkins

  • Kum By Ya
  • Ill-m-i 



  • Linus and Lucy 

    A Charlie Brown Christmas

    Vince Guaraldi Tri0

  • Charlie Brown 

    The End Is Now

    L.A. Symphony

  • New Way To Be Human 

    Learning to Breathe


  • Anima Fundi 


    Sandra/ Boynton

  • Happy Birthday – Frank Sinatra
  • Kum By Ya
  • Birthday 

    Forefront Records

    Kevin Smith

  • Willy Wonka Theme 

    Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

    Danny Elfman

  • Kum By Ya
  • Pump up the volume – Marrs
  • Get Down/Dive/All Fall Down

    Smash Ups

    Audio Adrenaline; Steven Curtis Chapman, G.R.I.T.Z.

  • Heaven

    Adventures of the O.C. Supertones

    O.C. Supertones

  • Take me to your leader Space Mix (The Space mix is not on the album, It was on a Radio CD I have from college.)

    Take Me to Your Leader


  • Plymouth Rock


    Brian Wilson

  • 303 Wise man 


    Prodigal Sons

  • (Yes, I should have played “The Final Countdown” at the end when I was telling them how much time they had left… Bummer)
  • At this point the “Dashing” was over and this was the sound track to the clean up effort

  • Little House on the Prairie theme

    Little House on the Prairie

  • Lucy Meets Mr. Tumnus

    The Chronicles of Narnia

    Harry Gregson

  • Zurgs Planet

    Toy Story 2

    Randy Newman

  • Ill-m-i instrumental Soul Junk 1943
  • (Hobbit Trot) 

    …Think the Dancers Mad

    Madison Greene

  • Ballad of Davy Crockett / Farewell “Tennessee” Ernie Ford
  • Spiderman theme
  • Melt Down Instrumental


    Steve Taylor

  • Learn your lessons well instrumental–  (Ripped from the dvd)


  • Old Man Tucker
  • Did I step on your trumpet 



  • Tribal Call

    …Think the Dancers Mad

    Madison Greene


    …of course when we were getting ready and when we were all done, I just played Soul Junk’s 1960 album.
    For more info about the actual Daffodilie Dash

    The New Car CD for the Kids

    April 19, 2010

    This is what Dad, the three year old and the one year old are listening to these days.

    Exodus 3 – faith comes by hearing

    chip the glasses / over the misty mountains – the hobbit soundtrack (amazon The Hobbit; Rankin Bass Production)

    [Beth] Javanese – Soul Junk 1960 

    Hoodwinked surf theme –  


    I Use The Potty

    Greatest Hits, Vol. 1-2

    forever sweet – Will Carson with Fear and Trembling – Angels Weeping

    Day by Day –


    Stephen Schwartz

    10,000 Years (amazing grace)



    Three Little Birds – Bob Marly

    I Love You – clip from Fancy Nancy (Unabridged) 

    Fancy Nancy


    Onward Christian Soldiers – – God Bless America

    The Whole Duty Of Children – 

    A Child’s Garden of Verses

    Robert Louis Stevevenson

    Parable of the Gracious Master –  (Ripped from the dvd)


    I carry the Tray Like a fancy weightier 

    clip from Fancy Nancy (Unabridged) 

    Fancy Nancy

    Poopsmith song –  Over the Rhine 

    For the Kids III

    Fox in Socks read by David Hyde Pierce

    Green Eggs and Ham and Other Serving…

    Dr Seuss

    (I stuck a chunk from Ill-m-i in the middle because I always put that line in when I read it as well)

    Exodus 4 faith comes by hearing

    My ABC (Though, my 3 year old has let me know that she prefers Cutest Lil’ Dragon )

    Fetch the Compass Kids

    The Danielson Familie

    This Little Light Of Mine 

    You Are My Flower

    Elizabeth Mitchell

    Market Square 

    Now We Are Six

    A. A. Milne

    Holy Holy Holy 

    Speedwood Hymns

    Lost And Found

    Light of the world 


    Stephen Schwartz

    Learn Your Lessons Well 


    Stephen Schwartz

    Half Way Down 

    Now We Are Six

    A. A. Milne

    Cottleston Pie – ThreeCheersForPooh

    Grand old duke of york

    Let’s Move

    Studio Mouse

    Isn’t It funny – ThreeCheersForPooh

    Lines and Squares 

    Now We Are Six

    A. A. Milne

    The Lamp Of The Body 

    –  (Ripped from the dvd)


    Teddy Bear

    Now We Are Six

    A. A. Milne

    Ephesians 6:1-4  faith comes by hearing

    Children Obey your parents 

    The Word & Song Bible

    Stephen Elkins

    When the Saints go marching in –

    Christopher’s Top Picks of the Decade (1/1/2000-1/1/2010)

    January 28, 2010

    It took all month but here are

    Christopher’s Top 20 Picks (with 3 “Ties and an Honorable Mention) of the Decade


    1. Lord Of The Rings (1 movie in 3 parts)
    2. The Passion of the Christ
    3. Unbreakable
    4. tie – DISTRICT 9 Pride and Prejudice 
    5. The Exorcism of Emily Rose  
    6.  Signs
    7. To End All Wars
    8. The Village
    9. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe 
    10. Lars and the Real Girl 
    11. Luther 
    12. B000JLTR8QM. Night Shyamalan’s Lady in the Water
    13. Napoleon Dynamite
    14. In The Bedroom
      Note: “The Bedroom” in the title refers to a compartment of a Lobster Trap
    15. Man On Fire
    16. I Am Legend
    17. The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra
    18. Phone Booth
    19. tie Nanny McPhee Up
    20. tie Danielson a Family Movie (or, Make A Joyful Noise HERE) Food Inc

    Honorable Mention

    Bella theatrical one sheet



    This film was not the best done, or the most moving. Several films not on this list were better films. (The Spider Man films, Inglorious B——-s, Juno, Iron Man and even  Twilight, were all better films.) Still, a church got together and made a good film with a great message, and I think that should be applauded.

    Download Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

    December 16, 2009

    I have found that a lot of bands like doing Christmas music and just putting it out their on the web. I suspect the is a mixture of Generosity and marketing, still I have discovered great (often odd and eclectic) music for the holiday that is only a point and a click away.

    sufjan stevens – songs for christmas vol.8

    Very different with erry similarity to his Christmas Box Set

    (Thank you drivebyMEDIA)

    A Familyre Christmas – Volume 3

    by Sounds Familyre


    I Heart Lung- I Heart Christmas


    Schlarb Family Christmas Album 2008


    A Familyre Christmas-Vol. 1!

    A Familyre Christmas - Vol. 1-Cover

    A Familyre Christmas-Vol. 2!

    A Familyre Christmas-Vol. 2

    Blah Blah blog Christmas *

    *This one is worth it for Sufjan Stevens – “Come on! Let’s Boogey to the Elf Dance!” alone

    Paper Route –  thank god the year is finally over

    Soul Junk

    The Way Of Peace .mp3

    my soul does magnify the Lord .mp3

    Fleming and John

    Winter Wonderland /Misty Mountain Hop .mp3

    Carol of the Bells .mp3

    (not Christmas but You can download a bootleg of their Awesome “Hoodwinked” Soundtrack here)

    LA Symphony

    It’s Christmas .mp3

    Calibretto 13

    Merry Freaking Christmas (Santa Clause is just a Man) .mp3


    Also check out my posts


    Christmas Music 24/7!

    A little more Christmas Music

    December 21, 2008

    ok, Here is a little more christmas music:

    … from the other side of the tree…

    Sounds Familyre Christmas 2 


     sufjan stevens – songs for christmas vol.8

    I have seen two music videos from the new Sixpence Album (Thank you drivebyMEDIA):

    And if you have missed it: Here is my origonal Christmas Music 24/7!

    Danielson a Family Movie (or, Make A Joyful Noise HERE)

    November 18, 2008


    What Is It?

    The Danielson Familie (No, it’s not spelled family) is an avante-folk band from New Jersey. They started  utting albums out in the 90’s on, the then new, “Tooth n Nail” label. They put out some of the most odd, yet catchy, music I have ever heard. This movie is a documentary, of sorts, on the band, which also highlights non-family “Familie” member, Sufjan Stevens (a brilliant singer songwriter in his own right). Still, that is not really what this is about. While the movie is a documentary, and the segments seem to run: Concert footage, interview with a family member, musings from Daniel Smith (head of the band) and then interviews with people after concerts. This movie is about more, it’s about trying to do something that is truly original, in a world where there is “nothing new under the sun”, and still have it be honest, relevant and point people to Jesus.

    How Was It?

    I loved it. At times it definitely has the “Napoleon Dynomite” feel going on. There is a great section that has family outsider, band member, Chris telling his story. The sequence is animated by Tom Eaton. This movie feels like you are hanging out with some off- kilter (in a fun way) people who seem unintentionally, or more unobtrusively, inspirational.

    Is it Good for Kids?

    It’s not fast passed enough for most younger children who are used to cartoons, but it is great. The only caution is that two of the interviewed concert attendees use 1 bad word each. (a woman quotes a review
    that said “If you like this band you’re an …..” and a man who says he’s in a metal band uses the F word. No one uses the Lord’s name as a cuss word.)

    What About Spiritual Issues?

    This is one of the happiest parts of the film. These people live their lives recognizing that God is real. They use their gifts to glorify Him and point others to him. They are not your typical “Rah Rah Jesus” band, but they do not hide anything. It makes you want to be who you are, just more so and to His glory.

    What is your recommendation?

    I hope everyone gets a chance to know the “Familie”. They are fun and encouraging and may even challenge your taste in music, the way you live your life and your thoughts on Jesus in your day to day.

    High School Musical 3 Q&E Review Show

    November 17, 2008

    The Review LOADED with Special Features!

    Great extras like:

    B000F2BNW2 High School Musical

    B000VAPZM2 High School Musical 2

    B00104JONO High School Musical 3 [Theatrical Release]


    High School Musical

    November 11, 2008

    What Is It?

    This is a Disney Channel original movie that is very popular. It is most likely just another schlocky vehicle for them to groom no-named stars into personal properties like they did with Lindsay Lohan. Disney can then put these actors in their other shows pretending that’s a big deal until we believe they are real actors and go to see them in movies, but I digress. It’s the story of a Basketball player (Zac Efron) and Science Whiz (Vanessa Anne Hudgens) who are pressured into a Karaoke contest on vacation and find they can sing Bubble gum ballads together.

    Then when school gets back, the mom of the Science whiz has re-located with her daughter and they are now both in the same school. So they consider trying out for the school musical together but this would involve the social sin of breaking out of the perceived cast of their clicks. So now they have incurred the wrath of the Basket Ball Team, the Science  Team and the singing brother and sister duo that always play the leads. (Ashley Tisdale & Lucas Grabeel) Thus the moral tale of star crossed lovers (likers ?) plays out through the social jungle of a high school who does not like musicals, but is willing to break out in song every couple of scenes.

    Hay…. What are we supposed to think about Grabeel’s “hat boy” character, Ryan Evans?

    (Among other clues, he is the only featured male character not paired off with a girl at the end.)

    How Was It?

    With the amount of merchandise with the HSM moniker, the actual high schools preforming this and the 2 sequels in the works, this would have to be something amazing. The amazing part is that people watch it, and more than once. (This is going to be nothing more than ranting from here on in. If that amuses you then feel free to keep reading, if your goal in reading this is to be better informed, then skip down to the next section.)

    This moral tale tells us that everyone should be allowed to try what they want and follow their heart… unless you are not good looking or pop-princess fashionable. In the middle of the high handed moralistic drivel we get the try-out, where we are invited to laugh at the “Bad” singers. They are the only people in the movie who do not look perfect. Some can’t sing and are discourage from ever trying again. Others are trying operatic or beatnik styles. That is not cool here, so they are freaks and must be dismissed. We never see these desirable teens again, so we are now able to move to non-judgmental unity. A skater admits to his buddies that he plays the cello. He then pulls it out to show that it is cool, of course the cello playing is over dubbed by a guitar because no one in the demographic actual thinks cello playing is cool. Then the try-outs have a couple who have practiced all there life, rearrange the songs so style fits a “musical”, added costumes and choreography and preform their hearts out. The competition is a kid who sings in the shower and a girl who sings in her church choir, who preform the songs as nondescript pop-ballads while they so artfully “just stand there”. Obviously if you are putting on a stage show, you pick no talent un-original upstarts to be the lead and make the live and breath performers (who were quite good) the understudies. They can sing, but so
    could the others who could also act, dance, and add theatrics to the part…

    hum… I wonder.. Oh well..

    Is it good for kids?

    There are no cuss words or violence. Amazingly, all the outfits seemed to be covering all of the actors.

    What about Spiritual issues?

    There is a reference to the lead singing at church but nothing comes of it. None of the church girls many stresses ever leads to anything, like prayer. Though when her friends (who are all the smartest kids in school) are trying to tell her to stay away from the basketball player, they appeal to evolution and it is just accepted as correct. Of course it’s a Disney movie, so everyone comes from a single parent household with out cement.

    What is your recommendation?

    Morally, there is much worse out there, but still, it’s dopey and unrealistic even in it’s core values and how it plays them out. Kids will like it the same way kids who have been raised on nothing by microwave chicken nuggets and Trix Cereal will be impressed with Pixie Sticks. High School Musical is not worth it. There have got to be better teen musicals out there.

    (Maybe add The Sound of Music, Godspell, and even Danielson a Family Movie , to their diet?)

    The Q&E Review show will look at High School Musical 3 (or HSM3 for those in the know) next week!