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The Dark Night – The New Batman Movie – Out on DVD Today

December 9, 2008

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The Dark Knight comes out on DVD today.
Check out our full Review of the movie.
The Dark Knight – Q&E Review Show

Batman Begins

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B000PC6A3E Batman Begins

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

November 21, 2008


What Is It?

This is a bizarre movie about a court case. It is a standard format. We see the lawyers chosen and hired. Then the case goes on, each side presenting their interpretations of the situation followed by a scene of the event they were describing with the slant of the particular presenter.

This becomes interesting when you find out that the court case is a negligent homicide case against a Catholic Priest. It seems that under the Priest’s council, Emily Rose and family decided that her condition was not epilepsy, but demonic possession. They then stopped her medication in favor of an exorcism…. An exorcism that didn’t work. Soon after, she was dead. And now the priest who tried to save her puts his freedom on the line simply to use the court procedure to tell Emily’s story. A story that is based on a true court case that happened in Germany

How Was It?

I am impressed. This took the indie-film making credo and used it to its highest degree. It used plenty of special effects, but never relied on them. Rather the tense and scary mood of the film relies on its cast, script and director to deliver the goods, with effects added as spice.

This movie takes you to places you may have never wanted to go, but gives you reason and hope for bringing you there. I had read that the goal of writer director Scott Derrickson was to make believers question their beliefs and doubters doubt their doubts… I only know my reaction, but he has a firm shot of making his goal a reality with this film.

Is It Good For Kids?

(Spoiler) It is true that most of the horror effects are similar to those used in “Batman Begins.” With Batman’s “Scarecrow,” similar effects were done much more graphically and intense. But as I mentioned earlier, there was a lot more than special effects going into the horror feel.

(Summary without Spoilers) This is a scary movie and will give kids nightmares.

For a complete breakdown of what is on the screen, check

How about Spiritual Issues?

Everything in this movie is a spiritual issue. (Slight Spoiler) The judges final ruling has a lot of Christian symbolism (More of a spoiler) Within the letter that Emily wrote to the priest, she explains that she believes that God is allowing this so that Emily can, sacrificially, show the world that the spiritual realm is real.

(Total Spoiler) In the closing arguments the prosecution asserts that all of this can be explained away by scientific means. The defense then offers a compelling summary of the movie. She explains that whatever you believe, there is either a God or there is not, a devil, angels, demons, or there are not. She tells you that you don’t have to believe everything the way the priest does, but would you consider the idea that there is a supernatural realm. The lawyer and the movie ask us to take some time and just consider: Is it possible that these things exist?

This is a perfect Pre-Evangelical movie.

What Is Your Recommendation?

If you can take creepy, see the movie, bring friends, and plan on going out for dinner afterward because you will have a lot to talk about. (It’s scary, not gory. You will be able to eat.) You are made the jury, now you need to go deliberate.

You can now watch the FULL MOVIE on Hulu!

The Dark Knight – Video Review

October 12, 2008

Iron Man

October 7, 2008

What Is It?

This is not only another Marvel comic book movie, but the first to be entirely the creation of Marvel Studios.

Iron Man is the story of Tony Stark. He is a weapons mogul and an electronic and mechanical genius. Terrorists, capture him, using his own weapons to do so, then try to force him to build a new weapon for them. Instead, he secretly creates a metal suit that he uses to escape. (All of which is in the preview.) When he finds out that his company has been selling weapons to America’s enemies under the table, he perfects his suit to undo the wrongs that were done in his name.

How Was It?

It is said that Charlie Sheen had tried for the part of Peter Parker in Spider Man. He should have held out. Tony Stark is a cross between Charlie’s womanizing alcoholic character on Two and a Half Men and the “wise as a serpent” lawyer James Woods portrays on “Shark”. Unfortunately for both actors, Robert Downy Jr‘s performance not only propels the movie, but insures he will wear the suit for many sequels to come. Between Downy and a great supporting cast, with a well thought out story, and a great supporting special effects crew, this was a fun movie to watch. This film moves, pounds and blows up from start to finish; all the while fueled by a “Power Metal” soundtrack (bracketed by AC/DC’s Back in Black at the opening and Black Sabbath’s Iron Man at the end).

Is It Good For Kids?

This is a hard one. Tony Stark is a rich play boy and it is not played down like in the BatMan movies where it’s “all just an act.” He does admit that his life was wrong but does not go into specifics. Still, a lot of kids will not be able to make that logical leap with such a likable character.

The violence is ever present but is not always “comic book” style. Where Iron Man vs Fighter Jets, is exciting, Tony Stark vs Terrorist is also a touch gruesome. This was not meant to be a kid’s movie.

The final warning is the sexuality of the movie. We don’t see anything more than you would see on a beach (though we probably see too much there) but it all has a sexual context. We even see Stark in bed with a girl who is wearing a shirt and underwear, but the scene changed once we “know what’s going on”. The hard thing is that these people are dressed inappropriately, but the camera does not “Stare”, it simply lets us know what a letch the character is. What makes this hard is that while the images are there, they are not front and center, blurring the line of distinction.

I did hear one second string character take the Lords name in vain, but found much more that I missed.

I strongly suggest you read the break down on before bringing kids and teens.

What About Spiritual Issues?

Though every Marvel movie brings up God, I am happy to announce that this is the second Marvel Franchise to reference God and not be Heresy. (Ok, The Hulk was just too confusing to know if it was good or bad, and I have not seen Blade or Electra.)

Stark shows off a new weapon, which is designed to “protect” us. It will destroy an entire city and is called “Jericho.” When demonstrating Jericho, the missiles explode behind Stark as he holds out his arms in a Jesus Christ pose and the winds blow behind him and nearly push over the onlookers. There is also a comical reference to Matthew 22:21.

Stark is said to have “Come back from the dead” when he returns from captivity. Of course after this “resurrection” he announces that he finally knows his purpose in life and why he was put here. All of this of course suggests that there is an intelligent designer who has a plan for Starks life. From the other inferences we can assume which “Designer” they are thinking of, but it is nowhere as specifically Christian as the Spider Man Series.

What is your Recommendation?

The few shots of scantily clad girls were short enough that you know they were just there to tell the story, but a bit too long for me to be comfortable with.

Barring that, it was an exciting and often tense movie with some welcome messages and symbolism. Still, if you are looking for Tense thrills with Biblical Symbolism, “I am Legend” does it better.

If you are looking for Comic Book action with Biblical Messages, “Spider Man 3” does that very well.

If you are looking for a flawed man searching his soul through a film with messages about finding God’s purpose for your life, all with a Comic Book Superhero Motif, then look no further than M. Night Shyamalan’s, Unbreakable.

But if you are just looking for “Iron Man,” I would say it’s the second best offing Marvel has for us.

Batman Begins

August 1, 2008


What Is It?

This is not “Batman 6″ or a prequel to the KeatonNicholson (or should we just say “Burton”) Blockbuster. This is the re-birth of a ledged. Promised to be more real, more true, and much more dark, which should fit this Knight well.

How Was It?

There is a lot of hype around this movie. Though at the heart of any movie hype there is just the movie This one stands up well. I frankly went in very skeptical. I have always been fascinated with Super Heros, but Batman was my favorite. This film delivers in a way I don’t think many comic films ever have. The character is very realistic. Stapes in the world of Gotham City are created with a sense of organic history, as apposed to simply frilling the need to introduce the thing we all have know about for ever. (I.E. “And what is this droid’s name?” )

Even Gotham is great. The city looks friendly at first (Think “Metropolis”) but has an almost “shanty town with sky scrapers” sole..

The story is compelling. Young Bruce Wane is possessed by looming fears as well as guilt and a lust for revenge. This brings him on a quest to discover and then serve justice.

The film delivers plenty of action (and finally a Bat-mobile that truly is cooler that K.I.T.T.) It also has some great acting headed up by Christian Bale who’s Superman meats Norman Bates looks are custom made for this part. With the help of Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, Liam Neeson, Gary Oldman, and Michael Caine as Alfred, This story has the look of people drawn for there parts and talent used to the slavish demands of a comic book epic with a philosophical search nestled behind a famous cowl.

Though this film goes for a Spider-Man-esqu use of a defining life lesion that produces super heros, it does it with out the slathering of preaching that the aforementioned web slinger utilized last year.

Ok, there was one part where I just was not sure if I was seeing a progression of time or a flash back… if you have this problem remember that all flash back feature Bruce Wane as a child.

It’s not the best movie ever, but it’s a very good movie even beyond the comic world. Hay, you have to hand it to them; By the end of the film, you have not met a lot of them, but it seems totally logical that Batman dresses the way he does and inhabits a crime riddled city where most of the criminals are not only psychotic but have a gimmick.

Is It Good For Kids?

The themes of Justice and the conflict between working to help people and make things better vs. Just destroying the diseased; are very heady for kids. Still the other theme is fear. Though we hear that usually the things that cause fear are the most afraid, we see things to fear on the screen quite often. From young Bruce witnessing the shooting death of his parents and his fear of bats (it’s true!) Brought into adulthood to

[SPOILER] an Asylum head who uses a Scare Crow mask and Weaponized hallucinogens to produce fear and delusions in people. You see both the Scare Crow and Batman turned into monsters in the minds of those who are effected by the drug. The violence is what you would expect.

Though Bruce is told to go out and “Play the Part” or a billionaire play boy so people see him as useless, and thus will not suspect his alter ego – there is nothing sexually inappropriate about this film. (That was a big fear of mine, The 1989 Batman had a one night stand with Vicky Vale rumored to be added to make Batman seem more “adult.”  Even “Batman: The Movie” has that bizzar sceen about the Bruces fantisys comeign to a climax. This Batman has used, in advertising, an overly sexualized photo of Batman carrying a limp woman. That scene is in the film, but that photo and resulting connotations never do.)

You can check for a complete break down of elements shown on the screen.

How about Spiritual Issues?

In the opening, Bruce Wane is in a foreign prison. There is an exchange where an inmate tells Bruce “this is hell and I’m the devil.” the inmate is then informed “your not the devil your just practice” before receiving a hero worthy woopin’. I sort of missed the line before, the inmate may have said “hay preacher” witch adds even more spin. Where it is now we see the devil used as the symbol of evil and Bruce on a mission to combat that evil.

We also see a strong respect for father, the negative effects of vengeful anger (even beyond the physical consequences.) We also see, unlike Robin Hood and the Punisher, a genuine search for justice, not just vigilantism.

This is a great movie because it gives a “incredible” figure in bazar situations, but all his rationalities fit into our real world with our cape-less lives.

The problem here, except for possible any inference from the inmate comments.. This great feet is all done with out God. It still works on the level of good film and parable with life lessons, but the questions Batman and ultimately the movie are asking, can only find suitable answers in one place.

Though there is a strong tie in between what is said in the movie and what is said in the book of James “But someone will say, “You have faith; I have deeds.” Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by what I do.”

What Is Your Recommendation?

I really liked it. Asside from my one qualm about Bruce doing all this on his “own” strength, A little action, a little thinking, a fun film up there with “Pirates of the Caribbean” I would recommend it.

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