Movie Recommendations

*Movies You Should Go See*
Listed in the order you should see them.

(a totally bias list from Christopher Ouellette)

What Is Your Recommendation?
or What Movies Should I See?
I’m glad you asked… here is an ever expanding list

These are films that I think are great in there own right, but most have an important message as well:

  • Click on the highlighted titles to see the review
  • Click on the DVD case to see the Amazon listing

Key –
(f) = may be good for your whole family
(c) = Has a Christian Message
(pe) = Pre-evangelical Message
(m) = Has a moral message in line with the Bible.
(nf) = Not a film for the whole family
(d) = may be considered disturbing or have disturbing parts
(s) = silly
(bl) = Has some bad language
(bl+) = Quite a bit of bad language

The numbers are not a ranking, but the order you should see them in.

(First Read JRR Tolkien’s

The Tolkien Reader


  1. B000JLTR8QM. Night Shyamalan’s Lady in the Water  (pe) (d) (bl)
  2. Babe (m) (f) (bl)
  3. Babe Pig In The City (m) (d) (bl)
  4. Nanny McPhee
  5. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1941)(d) (nf) (pe) (The book by Robert Lewis Stevenson, is also great.)
  6. B000OHBCI8The Picture of Dorian Gray (1945) (d) (nf) (c) (The book by Oscar Wild, is also great) 
  7. The Exorcism of Emily Rose   (nf) (pe) (d) (bl)
  8. Luther   (c) (nf)
  9. Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (c) (d)
  10. The Village (pe) (nf)
  11. SE7EN (pe) (nf) (d) (bl+)
  12.  Let The Right One In (m) (nf) (D) (bl)
  13. The Addiction (c) (nf) (d) (bl+)
  14. Signs   (c) (nf)(bl)
  15. Lord Of The Rings: The Two Towers (c) (d)
  16. man-of-steel-blu-ray-cover1 Man Of Steel (c) (d) (bl) (nf)
  17. Godspell (c) (f)(bl)
  18. Ben Hur   (c)
  19. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe  (c)
  20. The Passion of the Christ (c) (nf) (d)
  21. To End All Wars (c) (nf) (d)(bl+)
  22. mad_max_fury_road_ver8_xlg1 Mad Max Fury Road (nf) (d) (bl) (c)
  23. batman-vs-superman-poster3501 Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (nf) (d) (bl) (c)
  24. The Incredible Adventures of Wallace & Gromit [3 shorts] (f) (s)
  25. The Incredibles (m)
  26. Testament: The Bible In Animation [9 shorts] (c) (d)
  27. Rope (d) (m)
  28. In The Bedroom (d)(nf)(pe)(bl)
    Note: “The Bedroom” in the title refers to a compartment of a Lobster Trap
  29. Mercy Streets (c) (nf)
  30. Citizen Kane (m)
  31. Phone Booth (m) (pe) (d) (nf)(bl++)
  32. Man On Fire (c) (nf) (d)(bl+)
  33. The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra (s)
  34. Newsboys Down Under The Big Top (c) (s) (f)
  35. Napoleon Dynamite (s)
  36. Danielson a Family Movie (or, Make A Joyful Noise HERE) (c) (pe) (nf)(bl)
  37. tumblr_m0mfsjrb0w1qzy00o1 Blue Like Jazz (c) (bl)
  38. Arsenic and Old Lace (s)
  39. Chillicothe (s) (m) (d)   (nf) (slightly – pe)(bl)
  40. Lars and the Real Girl  (c) (nf)(bl)
  41. Sense and Sensibility (c)(f)
  42. Maltese Falcon
  43. Vertigo (d)
  44. Pride and Prejudice  (m) Pride + Prejudice + Zombies is also fun (nf) (d)
  45. Unbreakable (nf) (d)(bl)
  46. The Wild One (m)
     (Under Midnight’s Void album is a concept album imagining the inner thoughts of a space aged Wild One)
  47. Casablanca (m)
  48. The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition   (one movie in three parts Fellowship of the Rings, The Two Towers, Return of the King ) (c) (nf) (d)

In the comments below tell me:

  • How many of the list you have seen.             or
  • Which movies you think are good choices.   or
  • Which movies are bad choices.                     or
  • What should be added.

And for the big time film aficionado…

  • Which movies are in the wrong spot.

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  6. Stacy Says:

    I’ve seen 23 but have more to check out 🙂

  7. willgrant11 Says:

    It is amazing to me but I dislke most of the movies on this list. My list would be completely different. Maybe I’ll make up a list so you can compare.

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