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Dreamer – Inspired By a True Story

December 2, 2009

What Is It?

Very straight forward, it’s a movie about a family, a spunky little girl and a horse (think “Sea Biscuit” for kids).

How Was It?

The camera work is nice. The story was very predictable. (This would be a spoiler, but watching the first 20 minutes of the film is a spoiler.) It is also balanced. Everything in the beginning has a fulfillment or opposite in the end so you flow through with little to no tension or anxiety. This is where the movie shines. Despite the fact that they have all but told you what is going to happen, this cast makes you care. Headed up by one of the best actresses in Hollywood, Dakota Fanning gives you a performance that makes you feel along with them. It becomes a bit like an amusement ride: you can very clearly see the next turn, but it still makes your stomach flop while you whip around it. Kurt Russell and Kris Kristofferson are also noteworthy as the two presiding generations.

Is It Good for Kids?

There is some use of bad language but , outside of using God’s name, nothing in the major category. Other than that, it would just depend on your child being able to handle the harder images of the horse getting hurt and things of that nature. There are some tense moments between father and daughter, but they are resolved well. Beyond that, (spoiler) the child is given ownership of the horse, and thus all the decision power, but it is shown as the father giving her responsibility and teaching her, not by putting parents in a bad light.

You can check for a break down of what they put on the screen.

What About Spiritual Issues?

There is a Mexican horse hand named Manolin (Freddy Rodríguez ) who is a former jockey. He ran in two races and nearly died in the second. He says believes that his dreams of the accident are God ’s way of letting him know that he should not race. (Spoiler of sorts) Later, when he trains to ride the reconditioned horse, he tells the little girl that his new dream is God showing him that he should race again. He seems to handle the disappointment of not getting to be in the race for which he

was training by understanding that he’s where God wants him. He ends the conversation with “God bless you, ” which sounds awkward without a sneeze. This little mention is nice. It’s nothing evangelical or challenging, just a recognition that He is involved.

What Is Your Recommendation?

It’s a movie that kids will enjoy and parents will not mind. If you have a young lady who likes horses, this would be a nice family night

Dreamer – Inspired By a True Story