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Alvin and The Chipmunks

May 24, 2008

What Is It?

First it was the Witch Doctor song. Then the little voice in the chorus was expanded to three characters and the Chipmunks Christmas song introduced the world to Alvin, Simon and Theodore and the problems David Sivil would have reeling in Alvin. From here there were records and cover songs. In the 60’s there was a Cartoon and it re-emerged in the 80’s and 90’s. Now they are back running though a live action world in all their computer animated glory. The songs are updated with guitar driven riffs and Maria Carry style vocal arrangements but the general themes are all still here. Down and out song writer makes it big when he finds singing chipmunks to sing his songs.

How Was It?

The idea of combining horror movies to make them scarier is not new. Frankenstein met the Wolf man in 1943. Recently Alien vs Predator covered outer space while earthly monster Freddie and Jason teamed up. Of course when executives decided to combining the stomach churning “Garfield the Movie” with the nerve destroying “High school Musical.” The result is here. This is the type of “Schlock and Awe” bubble gum garbage that will make parents wounder if they can hear there children’s brain shriveling up over the high pitched music .Of course David Sivil has been changed into the modern noncommittal song righter with the “Generic” label still showing a bit. The thing that has remained is that all action and comedy hangs on Alvin extracting his name as a frustrated explosion from David’s tormented vocal chords. When this new David breaks loose with “ALVIN!” the disappointment is complete when it sounds more like a little kid pretending to scream in a place where he’s not aloud.

(If that’s not enough, we get to listen to a record executive define all real music as “Justin Timberlake”.)

The best part of the movie was when we got to the “Chase everyone around and have people get hurt in comical ways scene” it abruptly ended long before I though it would. Then, in an act of mercy, the entire movie ended in the next scene.

Is It Good For Children?

This is not the largest moral disaster but there are cautions to be aware of. There are some odd sexual references. While David is on a date, Alvin tries to make things romantic. This not only includes low lights and a fire, but a Barry White style song with a guy saying he wants to do something “Freaky” to the girl. The term is used when Alvin sings “Don’t you wish your girlfriend was hot like me? Don’t you wish your girlfriend was a freak like me?” Not only should kids not be hearing about it in that context, but the choice of terms makes is upsetting. There is also a reference to Dave’s “Ex-Mate” that could go ether way.

Though it’s not focused on, there are background dancers and some other women dressed inappropriately and shown in a positive light. During a “Photo Shoot” A man recommends, and demonstrates, how Theodor should spank his own but. Theodor then follows the instructions. It’s the kind of obnoxious gag that will surly show up again in the actions of the younger viewers.


You should check for a breakdown of everything on the screen.

What about spiritual issues?

There is not much happening in this arena. There is much made of Christmas with nothing made of Christ. The only time we hear God’s name is when David uses it as a cuss word.

What is your Recommendation?

There are much better things to show kids. If they are going to spend almost two hours watching a movie it seems that there are much better things to see.
If you can not avoid Alvin and the Gang, you will want to talk about issues of family and commitment. You may also have to field a question or two about being “freaky” and watch out for stray but slaping.