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#39 – Top Money Makers of the Decade – Quantum Of Solace

December 5, 2009

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We have taken the list of the Top Money Makers of the Decade and we are doing the “Question Entertainment Lightning Round”
I hope you like it. Let us know your thoughts.

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Casino Royal and Quantum Of Solace

November 8, 2008

What Is It?

Like that guy from Smallville and Batman, James Bond is going back to the beginning. The 21st outing for 007 turns out to be the first. This will be a young fresh James, just promoted to 00 status and out on his first assignment! Not as smooth, but just as Bond.

How Was It?

I don’t actually know, because I haven’t actually seen it.

Oh… So.. Um..

What do you have to say about this movie you Have Not Seen?

Ok, here is the deal. James Bond has been defeating the big psychopaths of the world since the 50’s & 60’s. In all that time and in all the formats he has simply been the uber-playboy. The man we root for has the kind of slick, fun and deadly gadgets that even the melding of a Play Station video game system with a Brookstone store could not produce. His frat boy lusts are greeted with willing conquests due to his smooth English veneer. With his supers suave attitude even the most base jokes sound educated. The parade of Bathing suit beauties always marched to his neighboring pillow. In the 90’s there was a big deal made about the sexist Bond meeting his match. Feminism had caught up to Fleming’s character 50 years after the rest of us heard of it. Still all this seemed to produce was Bond girls who were just as aggressive sexually as he was. The times they were their “own woman”, was seen as little more than sophisticated “hard to get”, resulting in a more honorable concur for our man with the license to kill.

I’m not saying that I will not see a film that shows a man as a pig.
I just do not see how it helps anything to show the pig as the ideal man.

So, there it is. An overblown bow to all that is base of a man’s mind. This film is capped off with a PG-13 rating ” for intense sequences of violent action, a scene of torture, sexual content and nudity.”

So there it is. I have decided that after 20 films, I know I do not need to spend 144 minutes with a super cool womanizing playboy and his guns, gadgets and girls (who apparently will be shown nude in this one).

Will you be doing this often?

I promise I will try to stick to films I have actually seen from now on…. oh, hold on a moment….