Novel Series for teens – But Punches harder than the Hunger Games!

The Last Hunter – Descent is Book 1 of the Antarktos Saga by Jeremy Robinson. This is a YA action/thriller based on Robinson’s Antarktos Rising novel (for more mature audiences).
If you have read any of Jeremy’s books, then you know the awesome flavor he deals out on the page. His books have big action with relatable characters who fight fantasy monsters, The monsters are grounded enough in some reality that they come out hardcore and never corny. The plots are the same. They are roller coaster rides but intelligently done so you are never taken out of the story.
This book, unlike his others, is not as gory, has no cussing, and no adult romance. Still, hits as hard as his other books. It never feels like it’s sanitized or that he’s pulling punches. You are right there and get all the “butt” kicking you expect from this style of book. I know he planed this as a YA book, but it reads as if it just happened to work out that way.
This is a great book to pick up, especially for Boys, who have run out of Hunger Games books. It’s also about a teen boy, who is a strong male character with out having to be sexiest or superficially macho. I love the idea here. He is trying to fight between being the savage killer and being a real person. If you are at all into thriller (for adults, kids, or teens) You should pick this up.

If the thing you liked about Hunger Games was the Twilight style romance and just endured the rest of it to find out what happened with that Bread Guy… then pick out a different book.

The Last Hunter – Descent

Jeremy Robinson

Antarktos Rising

Jeremy Robinson

The Hunger Games

Suzanne Collins


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