Are we keeping our children safe?

When it comes to children, I think society pressures us to keep there bodies too safe and there minds not safe enough.  Kids are hard pressed to just play anymore. They might hurt themselves running climbing and jumping. They might get wounded if the build something. So what do they do. They can sit and stare at a screen that is Physically Safe fun for them. Most of it is (at the very least)  “not exactly what I want them to hear but it’s not that bad.” Still the slight message that might have been a forgettable side note becomes drilled onto there head when they watch the same movie again and again. (sometimes multiple times in a week.) When they are not watching it they can  partake in preprogrammed play with action figures and recite the movie they have heard again and again. (safely, on the carped floor, with no small parts to make them choke) The child has no input at all. The TV tells them each character and what the say and how they act. It is much safer mentally to read them lots of books. Then, even if there are pictures they learn to engage their mind to put the story together. You are also reading to them, and thus set the tone and can preempt the parts that they might not be ready for or that might be objectionable. I don’t need to out line all the benefits of reading to your kids and encouraging them to really play. As they jump off things and become real kids they may get bums bruises and scrapes but those will heal  much easier than the latest humanistic philosophy sloped in to the next “family” DVD. We are raising God’s children and preparing them for the future. What sort of adult life  are they prepared for when the thing they best know how to do is to sit in a padded room and stair blankly at the flashing lights?


Frank Luther put out a popular kids record in the 30’s called “Songs Of Safety.”  It has one song that goes “Johny climbs fences, and Johnny climbs walls and Johnny climbs banisters up in the halls but when Johnny climbs fences and Johnny climbs wall, Johnny is careful so he never falls.

Here is an NPR interview with Lenore Skenazy of Free Range Kids


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