Star Trek Q&E Review Show

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2 Responses to “Star Trek Q&E Review Show”

  1. Greg Says:

    I loved this movie!!! I’m not a Star Trek expert, but my family and I watched nearly every episode together when I was a kid. …and William Shatner is my Dad’s 2nd cousin or something. …and my sister still behaves an awful lot like Captain Kirk. I digress.

    Anyhow, the movie was very modern in the way it was delivered. Very exciting, good special effects, etc. But it was SO true to the original series. I especially enjoyed that. I have some personal biases against Star Wars, but find the Star Trek characters and stories a lot more interesting and entertaining.

    The original show (and this movie) are almost entirely humanistic — or, uh, alienistic, or human-like planet-dwelling lifeform-istic. And I didn’t like the green girl scene nor the final conversation between spock and spock. But the guys that played Kirk and young Spock characters were good. The guys that played Scottie, Chekov and McCoy were really good — at least I thought so.

    One of the underlying themes of the original series was Kirk’s raw, human, shoot-from-the-gut emotion vs Spock’s logic & reason, and how it affected their relationship and performance on the Enterprise. This movie seemed to deal with that topic pretty well. As a Christian, this also reminds me of spiritual and physical realms in which we reside — no kidding. So perhaps we can think of Kirk as the charismatic and Spock as the baptist — sorta like aliens from different planets each trying to better understand each other 😉

  2. Kate Samuels Says:

    Star Trek….
    First of all, I think they had that almost sex scene in the previews and commercials just to attract attention. I think they added the underwear scene just to please the guys that were frustrated that they didn’t “do it”. Frustrating, isn’t it? Also, the girl didn’t die, in normal star trek shows, whenever someone kissed a girl, she would die. Whatever lol.
    I disagree with you saying there wasn’t blood in the movie- at the beginning of the movie when he was getting beaten up at the bar, he had blood coming from his nose.
    I think after the main character met with old Spok, the story sped up way too fast. I think he became the captain too easy and
    I think it makes sense how Spok’s people, the Volkans are athiests. They have proven they can take away/control their emotions so they seem to prove that they can depend on themselves.
    I loved how Spok turned out; I liked his acting while he was trying to save his family and when his mom died. (his girlfriend partly annoyed me when she was comforting him; since when did he have a girlfriend?!) I liked how he did the thumb knock out Volkan thing and didn’t overdo it. I thought it was cool the actual Spok was there and the story of how he came from the future was cool.
    The kid is the youngest son from EvanAlmighty, the kid that wanted to keep the alpaca cuz he spits. lol. I thought his blonde hair looked fake; it was cool how they did the scene when he jumps out of the car, hanging off the cliff.
    I loved that scene when his dad’s about to die and he’s naming the baby with the mom. He then says he loves her while he dies. Good scene. I loved it.
    I think I have more, but I’ll come back to you if I remember. lol. Glad you interviewed it.

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