Kids Books

My family includes people under the age of three. Therefore much of the entertainment I am questioning these days is Kids Books. In case you are in the same situation (or have an invitation to a Baby Shower or Birthday Party) Here is my selections of the best of our collection.  I look for books that my kids and I can both enjoy together.

Time for Bed

Mem Fox, Jane Dyer

 Cute animals all have there mom tell them it’s time for bed. (“Time for bed Little dear little dear, the very last kiss is almost here.”) The cool thing about this book  – one of the animal familys is snakes!

A Child’s Garden of Verses

Robert Louis Stevevenson

Poems from The Hobbit

J. R. R. Tolkien

Nursery Rhymes 

 by Susie Lacome

Tomie dePaola’s More Mother Goose Fa…

Tomie dePaola

Poetry Speaks to Children

The Word & Song Bible

Stephen Elkins,

The Word & Song Children’s Bible cd SET 


Once Upon a Parable

Mack Thomas

Through the Eyes of Jesus

Mack Thomas

Psalm Twenty-Three

Tim Ladwig

The First Easter

Carol Heyer

Princess & the Kiss

Jennie Bishop

Thank You, God

P. K. Hallinan

My Sister and I

P. K. Hallinan

The Spider and the Fly

Mary Howitt

I Like Myself!

Karen Beaunmont/catrow


G Is for One Gzonk!

Tony DiTerlizzi

I Know a Rhino

Charles Fuge

Leonardo, the Terrible Monster

Mo Willems

Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin 

 by Moss /Priceman

Angel in the Waters

 by Regina Doman and Ben Hatke

The New Baby Sticker Book

Anne Civardi / Stephen Cartwright

A Grand Old Tree  by DePalma

Antlers Forever!

 Bloxam and Sollers

Little Tom Turkey

Frances Bloxam

Fancy Nancy

Jane O’Connor /Glasser

I love you Mommy Harker and Stephenson

Click, Clack, Moo 

 Cronin / Lewin

Who’s Making That Smell?

Philip Hawthorn/ Cartwright

There’s a Monster in My House

Jenny Tyler, Cartwright

Bee-bim Bop!

Park and Lee

I’m a Manatee  by Lithgow and Hoyt

Counting In The Garden

Kim Parker

Fox in Socks

Dr. Seuss

Edwina, The Dinosaur Who Didn’t Know…

Mo Willems

Do Princesses Really Kiss Frogs?

Coyle and Gordon

Because Your Daddy Loves You 

 Clements and Alley

Sitting Ducks

Michael Bedard

Seen Art?

Jon Scieszka and smith

Baby Danced the Polka

Karen Beaumont / Plecas

Wild Animals from Alligator to Zebra…

Arthur Singer

What Ever Happened to the Dinosaurs …

bernard most

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

Helen Oxenbury Rosen

Mini Masters Boxed Set

Merberg and Bober

Blue Moo

Sandra Boynton

Philadelphia Chickens

Sandra Boynton

What Is Black and White?

Petr Horacek

Wild Animal Baby National Wildlife Federation

Here Comes Darrell

Leda Schubert,

Baby Bug by Lady Bug

The Curious Garden

Peter Brown

All in a Day

Cynthia Rylant and McClure

North Country Spring

Reeve Lindbergh

How Mama Brought the Spring

Fran Manushkin and Berry

Sugarbush Spring

Marsha Wilson Chall and Daly

Ox-Cart Man

Donald Hall/Cooney

Faint Frogs Feeling Feverish

Lilian Obligado

Lucy’s Christmas

Donald Hall / McCurdy

Lucy’s Summer 

 Hall / McCurdy

White Snow, Bright Snow

Alvin Tresselt Duvoisin

A Little Bit of Winter

Paul Stewart / Riddell

The Mitten Tree

 by Candace Christiansen and Greenstein


The Complete Tales and Poems of Winn…

A. A. Milne and Shepard



A Lovely Day for Amelia Goose

 by Yu Rong

(OK, That last book is not that great, I jut like to read the author’s name) 


One Response to “Kids Books”

  1. Wendy Rowe Says:

    This was a wonderful list, some I have not seen before. “Angel in the Waters” and “Because Your Daddy Loves You” look very special.

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