The Other Side of Twilight

We did already review Twilight(and the vampire it’s all owed to… Dracula) but we did focus on the movie and book. As we mentioned, there is another side to this whole thing, that is “The Twilight Phenomena.” Like “High School Musical”  or “the Rocky Horror Picture Show” there is a life outside the confines of celluloid. Pop Culture Christ just did a very good article on Vampire Obsession looking at the swirl of passions flowing around the twilight series.

In other Spiritual/Entertainment/Twilight news, MuteMath, a main stream band with Christian members, some of whom are from Earthsuit, has released a music video for their contribution to the Twilight Soundtrack. You can see that over at Drive By Media. I was a bit disappointed that it didn’t end with footage of the van almost hitting Bella from the movie.

And of course, if you missed it, of just need to see it again, we have our take on Dracula and Twilight itself with the Twilight Q&E Review Show.

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