Danielson a Family Movie (or, Make A Joyful Noise HERE)


What Is It?

The Danielson Familie (No, it’s not spelled family) is an avante-folk band from New Jersey. They started  utting albums out in the 90’s on, the then new, “Tooth n Nail” label. They put out some of the most odd, yet catchy, music I have ever heard. This movie is a documentary, of sorts, on the band, which also highlights non-family “Familie” member, Sufjan Stevens (a brilliant singer songwriter in his own right). Still, that is not really what this is about. While the movie is a documentary, and the segments seem to run: Concert footage, interview with a family member, musings from Daniel Smith (head of the band) and then interviews with people after concerts. This movie is about more, it’s about trying to do something that is truly original, in a world where there is “nothing new under the sun”, and still have it be honest, relevant and point people to Jesus.

How Was It?

I loved it. At times it definitely has the “Napoleon Dynomite” feel going on. There is a great section that has family outsider, band member, Chris telling his story. The sequence is animated by Tom Eaton. This movie feels like you are hanging out with some off- kilter (in a fun way) people who seem unintentionally, or more unobtrusively, inspirational.

Is it Good for Kids?

It’s not fast passed enough for most younger children who are used to cartoons, but it is great. The only caution is that two of the interviewed concert attendees use 1 bad word each. (a woman quotes a review
that said “If you like this band you’re an …..” and a man who says he’s in a metal band uses the F word. No one uses the Lord’s name as a cuss word.)

What About Spiritual Issues?

This is one of the happiest parts of the film. These people live their lives recognizing that God is real. They use their gifts to glorify Him and point others to him. They are not your typical “Rah Rah Jesus” band, but they do not hide anything. It makes you want to be who you are, just more so and to His glory.

What is your recommendation?

I hope everyone gets a chance to know the “Familie”. They are fun and encouraging and may even challenge your taste in music, the way you live your life and your thoughts on Jesus in your day to day.

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