High School Musical 3 Q&E Review Show

The Review LOADED with Special Features!

Great extras like:

B000F2BNW2 High School Musical

B000VAPZM2 High School Musical 2

B00104JONO High School Musical 3 [Theatrical Release]


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2 Responses to “High School Musical 3 Q&E Review Show”

  1. Abby Baker Says:

    You guys are very brave to review these movies! I’ve seen the first two and only know the songs, because of the kids I baby-sit. But I definitely agree the second one actually had a few good songs. “I Don’t Dance” was my favorite.

    I’ll probably see it when it comes out on DVD, but for now..I’m not going to waste the money.

    Anyways, good review…you both raised some very good points!

  2. George C Says:

    I saw 15 minutes of one of these horrors (only made it that long because I was at home and could heckle it)and would rather be fed to lions than be forced to sit through any more.

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