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M. Night Shyamalan’s The Happening Q&E Review Show

November 30, 2008


 The Happening

Christmas Music 24/7!

November 28, 2008

OK, This is usually (always) reviews of Movies, I have a degree in film, not music. But I love music in general and especially Christmas Music. My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is that it marks the beginning of a month straight of Christmas Music. (What other time of year can you stop by the Mall and hear a Hymn playing over the speakers.) So, with the title of my blog being vague enough to be inclusive, I ask the question….

What Should I Listen To This Christmas

On the first day of Christmas my true love played for me a Sufjan Stevens box set of Cd’s

Sufjan Stevens is amazing. There are shades of 70’s rock, well done emo, a lot of folk, banjo, accordion, and honky tonk piano thrown in for good measure. This box set has 5 CDs that he recorded over 6 years as presents for friends. It includes renditions of traditional carols, hymns that once you hear them seem to fit the season, and original songs. “Come on lets boogie to the elf dance” is one of the most fun things you can listen to. While talking about traditional American Christmas, including lines like “K mart is closed and so is the bakery, everyone’s home watching tv, it smoothly transitions into a second half that takes it’s lyrics from Away in A Manger.” This box set covers everything I think of Christmas* (including a healthy view of Santa)

Free MP3s:

That Was the Worst Christmas Ever

Sister Winter

On the Second day of Christmas my true love played for me Joy Electric


Joy Electric is a rock band that only uses a mono synth keyboard layered on multiple tracks, with no loops or computers. The result is fun and well constructed music. On the “Magic of Christmas” album it all fits together nicely. The beats and the bloops and tweets go great with songs like “Hear we go a wassailing” and “Frosty the Snow Man.” This is almost a kids album for adults. Ronnie Martin’s voice can be a bit weird, but I think on this album it’s the most accessible it has been. Winter Wonderland is a stand out track. The only problem here is a couple of the songs are too short. You get it to them and know there is another verse but…

On the Third day of Christmas my true love played for me Terry Scott Taylor

Here is a man who was at the forefront of Christian Rock in the 70’s. His collection of originals, “Songs for the Days After Christmas” mostly centered around the idea of keeping your focus on Jesus and the irony of loosing that in a holiday based on celebrating him. This acoustic/rock album is great music. The lyrics are mostly deep and thought inspiring, with enough levity to keep it from being a downer. The title track will have you move from knowing giggles to a thoughtful sigh

(Lost Dogs – “We Like To Have Christmas”

includes several tracks originally featured on Terry Taylor’s “Songs For The Day After Christmas”, now re-imagined and re-recorded by the Lost Dogs)

On the Fourth day of Christmas my true love played for me Happy Christmas Vol 2

This album is mostly traditional Christmas songs done in non-traditional ways by some great alternative rock and electronica bands. Pop/punk MxPx opens with a whimper, but Sixpence None the Richer doing a very detailed arrangement of “…Mr. Grinch” is worth the album and there are still 13 more songs that are wonderful. This is mostly loud and full with a lot of songs on the Heavy/Subdued roller coaster. It closes with the Lost Dogs doing a folk version of the Chipmunks Christmas song that includes a very funny skit about over produced music.

On the Fifth day of Christmas my true love played for me Relient K

I had their first Christmas album “Deck The Halls, Hurt Your Hand” when it came out. Now their second, “Let It Snow Baby… Let It Reindeer” 8 new songs and a bunch of the old one. This is fun and happy pop-punk. There are a few songs that are thoughtful piano. “I Celebrate the Day” is a moving look at our attitude toward the birth of Christ. “Santa Claus is Thumbing To Town” is very very funny. These are worth it just for a full on guitar version of “The Hallelujah Chorus”.

On the Sixth day of Christmas my true love played for me Vince Guaraldi Trio

They did the sound track to all the Charlie Brown specials and movies but the Christmas Special is just that. Jazz music for the masses it may be, but it is great to listen too. Having actual kids do the voices was also a fun move all around. This is the sound of Christmas. (And what music collection is complete without a copy of the theme song “Linus and Lucy”)

On the Seventh day of Christmas my true love played for me Happy Christmas from Bec Records

This was the first of the Happy Christmas series. Heaven’s Got a Baby is a lovely song amids the power cords, but the loud one’s are what it’s about. It’s heavy with ska, punk, techno, and a bit of experimental stuff to make it even more interesting. There is also
Vol 3 that is good and a
Vol 4 that is new Emo.

On the Eighth day of Christmas my true love played for me Glen Miller Orchestra


Glen Miller was amazing and developed a sound all his own. (You can see that summed up in “the Glen Miller Story” with Jimmy Stewart.) Glen was no longer with us when this was recorded, but his band is true to his style and sound, which goes very well with Christmas. These are all standards and have some great medleys, some about Santa, a lot about Jesus and a few from the Nutcracker. This is a three disc box set so you get a lot of music for your money.

On the Ninth day of Christmas my true love played for me Lost and Found Christmas Album

This band is a lot of fun. There are two guys who play the piano and the guitar (usual as if they were both in the percussion section.) They have odd voices and their songs seem like they were once “Camp Song Composers”, who have matured. All this combines to be very fun and deep. Most of the songs are Christmas hymns with a few originals that are great.

On the Tenth day of Christmas my true love played for me The Ultimate Lounge Christmas

John Jonethis is a lounge singer with a great voice and a flair for arranging. His first album was “Lounge Freak” which took top Christian rock song and converted them quite successfully. Here he does Christmas standards which seem to be a shorter road to lounge. This is not the most wildly radical idea for an album, but he does it with such style. He moves something that could have been generic, to a great listen.

On the Eleventh day of Christmas my true love played for me I want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

(If you are trying to sing this review, you have to say hippopotamus for
Christmas as if it’s one word with two syllables.)

This is just a great song. It’s from the 40’s and written by the same man who penned “Do Your Ears Hang Low.” His young daughter provided the vocals. This song has the fun and magical feeling of the season in it. It is about presents but not about greed, just the silly wonderfulness of childhood. You can actually down load the song for free at

On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love played for Me, Kenny Rogers (seriously)

You will not find a Christmas version of “The Gambler” here. (Though that might be cool.) This is mostly an adult contemporary album, but it’s still very good. It almost has the feel of the music in the mall when you suddenly notice “Hey, this one is pretty good.” The songs range from soft to powerful and even an acapella song with “Glad.” Most of the songs are original and deep. A cover of  “Mary Did You Know?” kicks it off with Wynonna Judd backing up and it finishes with a great montage called “The Chosen One” This has kids singing questions about Christmas and Kenny answering with recited scripture (inspired by Linus?) and then Carols that celebrate that aspect of the Christmas story. The arrangements are all unique enough to be cool, but still very traditional. Still my favorite song is a ballad that tells the invented story of a solder who fought hard all his life, though he was never sure of anything, until now, when he gives his medal and his heart to a baby king.


You got to know when to rap them,

Know when to pack them,

Know when to go up the chimney

and Know when to run

You never eat your cookies

while your sitting at the table

There’ll be time enough for eatin’

when the del’v’rin’s done.


from Q&E

*If the thing they are watching on TV is The Charlie Brown Christmas Special.



Keep in mind, I wrote this and still have not heard Sixpence None The Richer’s new Album The Dawn of Grace, which I am very much looking forward to!


Because Of Winn Dixie

November 24, 2008


What Is It?

Because of Win Dixie” started as a book by Kate DiCamillo. The story has now moved to the big screen thanks to Walden Media. This production company seems to want to use movies to get kids to read the book. With this in mind, the film adaptation follows the source material almost exactly word for word.

This is the story of India Opel (Annasophia Robb) who is the daughter of a preacher (Jeff Daniels). She has just moved to Naomi Florida. After praying (that’s right PRAYING) for friends, she meets a dog who introduces her to the rest of the down and out disconnected town.

How Was It?

If you have seen the adds for this film, you will probably think that it is the worst kids flick ever made. The add takes the 60 worst seconds of this delightful film and tries to make it look as if the plot is all about wedgies.

In reality this well cast, character driven journey though the “sweet and sad” of life and relationships is very worthy of it’s spot on the marquee. The characters and situations are all just a little off from reality, but
they still possess human emotions and problems that make us able to relate to the situations and long for the magic of the miracles we see in this little girl’s life.

And yes, Dave Matthews of the “Dave Matthews Band” can act. (At least he could for this part.)

Is It Good For Kids?

It is slower than most any other film aimed at kids in recent memory. This may be a deterrent to some children. Still I think it’s a great opportunity to showcase characters and story and not just the next over the top special effect. Other than that the film is very clean, there are some insults exchanged which are very clearly shown as bad by the end of the film. The film also deals with hard issues. Issues like mom leaving her kids, the death of a little brother, war, jail, and alcoholism. What I saw did not exploit any of these issues, but presented them with a perspective most parents would be comfortable with.

The real cautionary issue is that a police man has been added to the plot. (He was not in the book.) He is in two short scenes. Both seem to just be there so kids can laugh at the “dumb guy.” It should be mentioned to children that one bad police man in a movie does not mean that we should not respect people in authority, especially those who’s job it is to protect us.

You can check for a complete break down of elements shown on the screen.

How about Spiritual Issues?

The film is not evangelical in nature. (I don’t think anyone who worked on it was Christian, except for Leah Nash of “Sixpence None the Richer“, who sang one of the songs.) Still the plot is about a preachers daughter. God is thanked for what happens and even seen as the one who brings the dog to the girl.

If you are able to pick up any of the sermon (which is drown out by the dog, Winn-Dixie, trying to catch a mouse while the church cheers,) you will hear about how the church is called to bring people together and with God’s help “lift this town up.” This sermon is then lived out by his daughter. The film ends (and this is not a big spoiler) with some of the characters singing a hymn. The hymn serves to sum up some of the major points of the film and leave you with something positive to hum on your way out.

What Is Your Recommendation?

It’s just a big smoldering pot of niceness that has enough melancholy mixed in that it never comes off sappy. Know that it’s a little slower than most the films you will see this year.  Go in, relax and enjoy while you support pro-Christian characters in a Hollywood film.

A fun thing to do with the family may be to get the book. Read it as a family. (It goes quick.) Then stop reading when it starts raining at the party and go see the movie.


Kit Kittredge: An American Girl Q&E Review Show

November 24, 2008

Check out the DVDs

B000WGVEAC Kit Kittredge: An American Girl

B00064AMEE Samantha : An American Girl 

B000ARXFA0 Felicity – An American Girl Adventure

B000HEWEFS Molly – An American Girl on the Home Front 

The Exorcism of Emily Rose

November 21, 2008


What Is It?

This is a bizarre movie about a court case. It is a standard format. We see the lawyers chosen and hired. Then the case goes on, each side presenting their interpretations of the situation followed by a scene of the event they were describing with the slant of the particular presenter.

This becomes interesting when you find out that the court case is a negligent homicide case against a Catholic Priest. It seems that under the Priest’s council, Emily Rose and family decided that her condition was not epilepsy, but demonic possession. They then stopped her medication in favor of an exorcism…. An exorcism that didn’t work. Soon after, she was dead. And now the priest who tried to save her puts his freedom on the line simply to use the court procedure to tell Emily’s story. A story that is based on a true court case that happened in Germany

How Was It?

I am impressed. This took the indie-film making credo and used it to its highest degree. It used plenty of special effects, but never relied on them. Rather the tense and scary mood of the film relies on its cast, script and director to deliver the goods, with effects added as spice.

This movie takes you to places you may have never wanted to go, but gives you reason and hope for bringing you there. I had read that the goal of writer director Scott Derrickson was to make believers question their beliefs and doubters doubt their doubts… I only know my reaction, but he has a firm shot of making his goal a reality with this film.

Is It Good For Kids?

(Spoiler) It is true that most of the horror effects are similar to those used in “Batman Begins.” With Batman’s “Scarecrow,” similar effects were done much more graphically and intense. But as I mentioned earlier, there was a lot more than special effects going into the horror feel.

(Summary without Spoilers) This is a scary movie and will give kids nightmares.

For a complete breakdown of what is on the screen, check

How about Spiritual Issues?

Everything in this movie is a spiritual issue. (Slight Spoiler) The judges final ruling has a lot of Christian symbolism (More of a spoiler) Within the letter that Emily wrote to the priest, she explains that she believes that God is allowing this so that Emily can, sacrificially, show the world that the spiritual realm is real.

(Total Spoiler) In the closing arguments the prosecution asserts that all of this can be explained away by scientific means. The defense then offers a compelling summary of the movie. She explains that whatever you believe, there is either a God or there is not, a devil, angels, demons, or there are not. She tells you that you don’t have to believe everything the way the priest does, but would you consider the idea that there is a supernatural realm. The lawyer and the movie ask us to take some time and just consider: Is it possible that these things exist?

This is a perfect Pre-Evangelical movie.

What Is Your Recommendation?

If you can take creepy, see the movie, bring friends, and plan on going out for dinner afterward because you will have a lot to talk about. (It’s scary, not gory. You will be able to eat.) You are made the jury, now you need to go deliberate.

You can now watch the FULL MOVIE on Hulu!

A Walk To Remember

November 20, 2008


What Is It?

This film,  is a modern adaptation (the original took place some where around the 30’s) of the book by Nicolas Sparks. He had written the book as a homage to his Believing  sister who’s life had inspired the events in his book. Here a Christian girl with here single pastor father, live in a small town. Though she is unpopular, she starts hanging out with one of the popular bad boys of the school.

The first time I saw this movie, my wife and I braved a New England snow storm to see it opening night. We had read an entertainment magazine for “Focused Families” that in one article trashed Fellowship of the Ring for being unchristian, and in another Praised “A Walk To Remember” with the exception of some crewed language. We figured if LotR was not good enough for them and they went out of their way to “Plug” this, then it HAD to be wonderful.

How Was It?

The story was moving and beautiful. The head actress being Mandy More demands a unless scene of her standing there singing a song while nothing happens. This movie inspired me to read the book. I’m not always a “the book is better” guy, but this time it was. The movie lacks something after reading it. For one thing, in the book there is a “Walk To Remember” referring to her struggling to the alter at her own wedding while leukemia has set in. There are other points where the book wins out. (See “Spiritual Issues”)

Is It Good For Kids?

There is a lot of crewed language, though no one ever uses the “Lord’s name in vain.” you also watch one kid graphically act out an imagined sexual encounter between a teacher and his friend. You can check for a complete break down of elements shown on the screen.

Though the confusing spiritual messages may be more to the point here.

How about Spiritual Issues?

  • First, most the non-Christians act like non-Christians.
  • But what about the Christian girl.
  • When insulted she insults back. (“Can’t God find you a new sweeter?” “He’s too busy looking for your brain.”)
  • She “deceives” her father and then justifies it because what she said was not a lie, she just didn’t tell him the whole truth.
  • And why did she deceive her father? So she could spend the night looking at the stars with the bad boy (now turning good). He asks if it was possible to seduce her. She tells him no. And that’s the end of that. This is a very dangerous message to send to teen girls today. This is NOT a safe situation; alone, all night, with a boy, and her dad doesn’t really know where she is.
  • She also starts a relationship with the boy. He never converts to Christianity, so she is dating, then marries a non-Christian. Though this often happens, it is shown here as a good thing, and that never happens. Furthermore, though he does not convert, he becomes a better person, without God.

Finally, at the very end of the movie we get the message of the film. Toward the middle, she was asked about God. She gave the Billy Gram like answer that you can’t see the wind but you feel it and see it’s effects. (Perfectly correct.) The film ends with the non-Christian boy, who is now single again because she is dead, giving a voice over. In it he says that “Her Love” is like the wind. So we see her, in a very skillful crafted film, the message that we all just need love. She had God’s love and he had her love.

Side note: it’s no big deal that in the hospital where she gives him a book and tells him “Don’t worry it’s not a Bible.” But in the book It is a Bible. Also the book is a story of the boy, now a man, recounting not only how he fell in love, but how he found faith.

What Is Your Recommendation?

Don’t settle for a movie just because the main character claims to be a Christian. She is not a good example, though held up as one, and the movie has a negative message. Ironically, many people thought that Mandy More was taking a step back when she did the movie “Saved” mocking the hypocrisy around Christian schools. If you look at the ending of both, they both have the same ultimate message. “Just live a life with love.” Leave the movie on the shelves, and get the book.

Miss Potter

November 19, 2008

What is it?

This probably is just me, but I have been waiting for Chris Noonan to direct his second movie ever, since being robbed of the best picture Oscar for his first one, Babe the Gallant Pig, the wait ended last December (2007), and I missed it. Miss Potter is now on DVD and it is not a kid’s story. It is, in fact, a period romance based on the life of Beatrix Potter. (Renee Zellweger) She is publishing her first book and falling in love with novice publisher Norman Warne. (Ewan McGregor).

How Was It?

This is a fun, well acted, beautiful, amusing, loving and subtly exciting film. (I don’t know if it was more insulting that Babe didn’t win or that Miss Potter was not even nominated for anything!) This movie is not fast. Where that usually means boring, here it’s graceful and beautiful like a Mozart Ballad. There is some animation used but it never gets out of hand. The ad seems to make it look as if it’s a new Mary Poppins, though I believe all the animation in the film was used in ad. Noonan uses occasional animation to show how Beatrix blurred her emotions and confided in her art.

Slight spoiler –

This is the kind of movie that lets you have fun and then, emotionally, hits you in the back of the head with a shovel. The story is great and the acting complements it. I would put this film alongside “Pride and Prejudice ” and the BBC’s “Shadowlands”.  

Now I cannot wait for Noonan’s third film!

Is it good for kids?

This is not made for kids. Thus it may be a little slow for them. There are also some emotional themes that may be too much for them. There is some caution in this film due more to other films. Beatrix is very respectful to her parents but does challenge them. Of course she is 30 years old. There are a few things where if she was in a rebellious teen movie, would be a problem, but she’s 30.

What about Spiritual Issues?

I don’t know much about the Spiritual life of Beatrix Potter, but not much is said here. At some point there are some lines to indicate that they are, at least, culturally Christian.


As the romantic relationship is leading towards marriage, they were still physically appropriate with each other. There is a death and not a lot is said about God.

What about Social Issues?

Similar to the “Rebellious teen” thing, there are themes that seem to be a kin to “liberal environmentalism”, at times. (Spoiler) However, what really happens is she loves land that is planned to be developed. She uses her earnings from her books to buy the land and then hire the farmers who were working it, to continue working it. Capitalism saving the environment! How great!

What is Your Recommendation?

This is well worth your rental fees. Take a night, make some popcorn, and sit on the couch with someone (or a family) you love. The DVD also has some nice special features including a documentary on Beatrix that was made separate from the film. There are a lot of things about her work and life that just don’t apply to the romance. They are all in the Documentary.

Hey, and while we are at it, let’s watch Babe again!

Danielson a Family Movie (or, Make A Joyful Noise HERE)

November 18, 2008


What Is It?

The Danielson Familie (No, it’s not spelled family) is an avante-folk band from New Jersey. They started  utting albums out in the 90’s on, the then new, “Tooth n Nail” label. They put out some of the most odd, yet catchy, music I have ever heard. This movie is a documentary, of sorts, on the band, which also highlights non-family “Familie” member, Sufjan Stevens (a brilliant singer songwriter in his own right). Still, that is not really what this is about. While the movie is a documentary, and the segments seem to run: Concert footage, interview with a family member, musings from Daniel Smith (head of the band) and then interviews with people after concerts. This movie is about more, it’s about trying to do something that is truly original, in a world where there is “nothing new under the sun”, and still have it be honest, relevant and point people to Jesus.

How Was It?

I loved it. At times it definitely has the “Napoleon Dynomite” feel going on. There is a great section that has family outsider, band member, Chris telling his story. The sequence is animated by Tom Eaton. This movie feels like you are hanging out with some off- kilter (in a fun way) people who seem unintentionally, or more unobtrusively, inspirational.

Is it Good for Kids?

It’s not fast passed enough for most younger children who are used to cartoons, but it is great. The only caution is that two of the interviewed concert attendees use 1 bad word each. (a woman quotes a review
that said “If you like this band you’re an …..” and a man who says he’s in a metal band uses the F word. No one uses the Lord’s name as a cuss word.)

What About Spiritual Issues?

This is one of the happiest parts of the film. These people live their lives recognizing that God is real. They use their gifts to glorify Him and point others to him. They are not your typical “Rah Rah Jesus” band, but they do not hide anything. It makes you want to be who you are, just more so and to His glory.

What is your recommendation?

I hope everyone gets a chance to know the “Familie”. They are fun and encouraging and may even challenge your taste in music, the way you live your life and your thoughts on Jesus in your day to day.

High School Musical 3 Q&E Review Show

November 17, 2008

The Review LOADED with Special Features!

Great extras like:

B000F2BNW2 High School Musical

B000VAPZM2 High School Musical 2

B00104JONO High School Musical 3 [Theatrical Release]


I Robot

November 14, 2008


What Is It?

  • First Law:A robot may not injure a human being, or, through inaction, allow a human
    being to come to harm.
  • Second Law:A robot must obey orders given it by human beings, except where such orders
    would conflict with the First Law.
  • Third Law:A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not
    conflict with the First or Second Law.

The year is 2035. The world looks like ours with more technological advances. The biggest advance seems to be that it is very common for people to have robots as a personal assistant. In this setting we have a sci-fi cop film. Sort of CSI meets Disney World’s Tomorrow Land. This fast paced robot-mystery focuses on detective Spooner (Wil Smith), a loner in vintage 2004 “All Star” sneakers. He has never trusted robots, but now that his friend Dr. Alfred Lanning (Babe’s James Cromwell) is dead, Spooner rejects the theory of suicide, and takes in a robot to interrogate on murder charges. Spooner then takes on the system where most people believe that the laws programmed into each robot makes it impossible to accuse a robot of harm.

How Was It?

I’m not at all a Will Smith fan. This marks the first thing he has done that I have enjoyed since he came out with the “He’s the DJ, I’m the Rapper” album in 1988. (I don’t recommend the album now.) This was a fun and intelligent film with a good script, good performances and special effects that are well done, but not over the top. It’s exciting but does not feel like your typical FX film.

The film was nominated for an Oscar for its special effects, but lost to Spider Man 2.

Is It Good For Kids?

The danger in the film is real, but the robots are friendly looking. Unlike the Orks in “Lord of the Rings” the presence of tons of the enemy coming after the main character is exciting but not disturbing. Their action ends with some blood. They are also dealing with the issues of suicide and murder through out the film. At one point you do see the basic shape of the female lead while she is showering behind a very steamy glass door. (I believe this was to compare her “humanity” to the robot in the next room.)

The problem that most people will see with “I Robot” is that the main character, though not shown as the moral compass of the film, cusses a fair amount. He even tells a kid “Go home and stop cussing, you’re no good at it.”

You can check for a complete break down of elements shown on the screen.

How about Spiritual Issues?

Right off the bat the female lead (Bridget Moynahan) tells Spooner that because of the three laws the idea of a robot that can kill some one is a impossible as the idea of a man who can walk on water. Spooner replies “There was this one guy, a long time ago…”

There is also a reference to the robots being like Frankenstein. Like most classic horror monsters, the story of Frankenstein was about a man who tries to be God, and going against God produces a monster. Considering all the other symbolism that matches up, I believe that the classical and religious implications of the statement were intentional. This is the start of an underlying comparison between the story of Jesus
and the plot of I, Robot. Being a bit of a mystery the rest of this section will be a MAJOR SPOILER.

It is discovered that the dead scientist has a Bible in his desk that Spooner finds and spends a good deal of time looking through. The Bible is one of only 2 things he finds in the apartment before it’s destroyed. It seems that the scientist had been held captive by the robots he invented and used the story of Jesus as his influence to concoct a plan to “save” all humanity for the robots.

The laws of the robots only bring about death and slavery (like the laws of Moses). The robots have decided that they need to hold the world hostage and even kill some humans because statistically it will keep the humans safer.

The main robot in question is named “Sunny” (Alan Tudyk) and refers to the scientist that created him as his “Father”. The robot is designed to be more human and able to choose to follow the laws or not. It’s also seen that Spooner is part robot and part human. And the Scientist had himself killed to set off these events and save humanity. Thus he sacrificed himself and this trinity brings about the physical salvation
of the world. In the movie The Matrix, Neo is a Christ Figure. From his Baptism to his death and resurrection through the power of Trinity, he follows the story of Jesus. the Matrix used there Christ Figure to bring a “New Message.” (Galatians 1:8)   Unlike the Matrix, I, Robot is using the story of Jesus as a map of how to
save people. Thus the Jesus symbolism here points back to Jesus. We also see Spooner’s Grandmother, shown as just an all around wonderful woman, wanting to go to church and carrying a Bible exactly like the one Spooner found. (Just incase you didn’t yet know what that book was.)

Finally it turns out that Sonny did kill the scientist, at the scientist’s orders. So the line about “a robot that could kill a human is like a man that could walk on water” more clearly points out who Sonny is emulating.

What Is Your Recommendation?

I would definitely recommend it if you have non-Christian friends who like it. Watching it and being able to point out the Jesus symbolism is both interesting, and potential for opening up questions and discussion about the most important things in life.

The only thing that prevents me for whole heartedly recommending it simply for personal entertainment is the fact that the cussing comes so prevalently from a character that we are supposed to like and root for. This may be one of the very few times where one of those “remove the bad words from your TV” devices might be a good idea…. but still you are going to get the line about the only reason not to cuss is because “you’re not good at it.”