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Batman Begins

August 1, 2008


What Is It?

This is not “Batman 6″ or a prequel to the KeatonNicholson (or should we just say “Burton”) Blockbuster. This is the re-birth of a ledged. Promised to be more real, more true, and much more dark, which should fit this Knight well.

How Was It?

There is a lot of hype around this movie. Though at the heart of any movie hype there is just the movie This one stands up well. I frankly went in very skeptical. I have always been fascinated with Super Heros, but Batman was my favorite. This film delivers in a way I don’t think many comic films ever have. The character is very realistic. Stapes in the world of Gotham City are created with a sense of organic history, as apposed to simply frilling the need to introduce the thing we all have know about for ever. (I.E. “And what is this droid’s name?” )

Even Gotham is great. The city looks friendly at first (Think “Metropolis”) but has an almost “shanty town with sky scrapers” sole..

The story is compelling. Young Bruce Wane is possessed by looming fears as well as guilt and a lust for revenge. This brings him on a quest to discover and then serve justice.

The film delivers plenty of action (and finally a Bat-mobile that truly is cooler that K.I.T.T.) It also has some great acting headed up by Christian Bale who’s Superman meats Norman Bates looks are custom made for this part. With the help of Morgan Freeman, Liam Neeson, Liam Neeson, Gary Oldman, and Michael Caine as Alfred, This story has the look of people drawn for there parts and talent used to the slavish demands of a comic book epic with a philosophical search nestled behind a famous cowl.

Though this film goes for a Spider-Man-esqu use of a defining life lesion that produces super heros, it does it with out the slathering of preaching that the aforementioned web slinger utilized last year.

Ok, there was one part where I just was not sure if I was seeing a progression of time or a flash back… if you have this problem remember that all flash back feature Bruce Wane as a child.

It’s not the best movie ever, but it’s a very good movie even beyond the comic world. Hay, you have to hand it to them; By the end of the film, you have not met a lot of them, but it seems totally logical that Batman dresses the way he does and inhabits a crime riddled city where most of the criminals are not only psychotic but have a gimmick.

Is It Good For Kids?

The themes of Justice and the conflict between working to help people and make things better vs. Just destroying the diseased; are very heady for kids. Still the other theme is fear. Though we hear that usually the things that cause fear are the most afraid, we see things to fear on the screen quite often. From young Bruce witnessing the shooting death of his parents and his fear of bats (it’s true!) Brought into adulthood to

[SPOILER] an Asylum head who uses a Scare Crow mask and Weaponized hallucinogens to produce fear and delusions in people. You see both the Scare Crow and Batman turned into monsters in the minds of those who are effected by the drug. The violence is what you would expect.

Though Bruce is told to go out and “Play the Part” or a billionaire play boy so people see him as useless, and thus will not suspect his alter ego – there is nothing sexually inappropriate about this film. (That was a big fear of mine, The 1989 Batman had a one night stand with Vicky Vale rumored to be added to make Batman seem more “adult.”  Even “Batman: The Movie” has that bizzar sceen about the Bruces fantisys comeign to a climax. This Batman has used, in advertising, an overly sexualized photo of Batman carrying a limp woman. That scene is in the film, but that photo and resulting connotations never do.)

You can check for a complete break down of elements shown on the screen.

How about Spiritual Issues?

In the opening, Bruce Wane is in a foreign prison. There is an exchange where an inmate tells Bruce “this is hell and I’m the devil.” the inmate is then informed “your not the devil your just practice” before receiving a hero worthy woopin’. I sort of missed the line before, the inmate may have said “hay preacher” witch adds even more spin. Where it is now we see the devil used as the symbol of evil and Bruce on a mission to combat that evil.

We also see a strong respect for father, the negative effects of vengeful anger (even beyond the physical consequences.) We also see, unlike Robin Hood and the Punisher, a genuine search for justice, not just vigilantism.

This is a great movie because it gives a “incredible” figure in bazar situations, but all his rationalities fit into our real world with our cape-less lives.

The problem here, except for possible any inference from the inmate comments.. This great feet is all done with out God. It still works on the level of good film and parable with life lessons, but the questions Batman and ultimately the movie are asking, can only find suitable answers in one place.

Though there is a strong tie in between what is said in the movie and what is said in the book of James “But someone will say, “You have faith; I have deeds.” Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by what I do.”

What Is Your Recommendation?

I really liked it. Asside from my one qualm about Bruce doing all this on his “own” strength, A little action, a little thinking, a fun film up there with “Pirates of the Caribbean” I would recommend it.

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